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Technical Documents

Technical Document for Optical Transceiver

For your technical convenience, and especially right choice of adequate product, we ‘d like to present beneficial technical document shown below.
We anticipate this document will help your works and give bright intuition on choosing right product.

Radio Frequency over Glass (RFoG) technology is designed as a universal fiber-to-the-premises solution for HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) network operators. RFoG supports incremental migration to fiber optic access and allows cable operators to align network expense with revenue potential, acceleration ROI. The RFoG solution provides the benefits of a PON, including elimination of expensive powered components in the outside plant. RFoG can be deployed in a standalone configuration, or with either EPON or GPON technology.

AR Tech has developed several kinds of OSA (Optical Sub Assembly) for this RFoG application, 1550nm optical receiver, 1610nm return pass optical transmitter and 1310nm, 1490nm digital by-pass