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RMA service

Do you have any problems with our product?
We are willing to solve your problem by finding cause of problem both technical and operation point of view, and by replacing failed product.
We present below our RMA policy, RMA Process and RMA service

RMA Service Policy

We ensure customer satisfaction with products related services of high standards and continuous improvement in quality, delivery, reliability and performance. We are committed to providing support by offering a variety of options to assist our customers. Our engineering and quality support team continually provides prospective and existing customers with high-level service through the life cycle of our products and beyond, helping you minimize risks and maximize the benefits of your customers.

Standard RMA Process

We show our RMA process as shown below, for your better understanding of AR Tech’s RMA.
Standard RMA Process

notify RMA service

If your transceiver needs servicing or repair, please submit the below RMA request form. To return the product for a service, you will need to obtain a RMA number. Use our online RMA request form or contact your sales manager. (please see sales head office)